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Tablets have become more and more prevalent in a wide variety of workplaces due to their convenience, mobility, and functionality. Tablets are often a better choice than a laptop, because they are smaller and therefore, more portable. If you do not need a keyboard, a tablet is a good choice for accessing email or other information that you need on a digital platform. Just because you work in extreme conditions does not mean you have to lose out on the many benefits of using tablets; that is exactly why rugged tablets exist. Using a tablet on the job has tremendous advantages, and fortunately, rugged technology was invented so our police force, military personnel, and manufacturers can use this technology to prevent any errors or delays that come with using a pen and paper instead of a computer. You can increase efficiency and productivity with the use of rugged tablets in your extreme work environment.

Rugged tablets are especially designed with careful consideration on how to make them durable and reliable in absolutely any condition. Fully rugged tablets go through a series of 28 military standard tests to ensure that they can withstand such circumstances as extremely high or low temperature, shock, vibration, humidity, dust, sand, drops, and spills. The screens are anti-reflective and sunlight resistant, so you can read them outdoors. Because of their extreme durability, rugged tablets last much longer than traditional tablets. In short, your rugged tablet can take anything you throw at it.

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OC Rugged Laptops is the premier provider of rugged laptops online. Our mission is to be the most knowledgeable world-class provider of Panasonic Toughbooks, rugged notebooks, rugged laptops, rugged tablets, rugged PDAs, and rugged UMPCs, along with installation services nationwide. We continue to achieve this goal through careful product selection, industry focus, innovative support services, and a corporate commitment to client satisfaction.


Rugged laptops are essential tools for a variety of industries, including the military, public safety, health care, federal government, construction, and the private sector. That is because rugged electronics can stand up to the rigors of everyday use, no matter the situation - rain, sand, vibration, shock, drop, high to low temperatures, and the highest altitudes to the lowest. There are many applications for a rugged mobile computer. Rugged notebooks are made durable to withstand the punishment that go along with the daily use of these machines. If you work in the field or if you drive a vehicle, on and off the construction site, in and out of war zones, or you just don't think plastic is strong enough for your lifestyle, a rugged laptop is the solution. Shop OC Rugged Laptops for the best ruggedized laptops on the market!